Why Hire Us

We are interior designers. We make spaces beautiful. There are some standard details that you can count on with almost any good interior designer: attention to detail, resources that are not available to the public, and a creative vision. Here are some of the unique reasons you should hire us:

Choose Us Because We Are Budget Sensitive

It’s your money. We don’t have a money tree in our backyard, and we don’t expect our clients to have one either. We set realistic expectations for our client regarding budget for any size design project.

Choose Us For Our Budget Management Skills

Not only are we sensitive about your budget, we know how to work within a budget. We don’t agree to a budget only to come back to you later with our hands out asking for more money. Michelle Lynne spent decades in Corporate America running multi million dollar business units – you can rest assured we can manage your budget.

Choose Us Because We Are Unpretentious

We consider our studio a “Snob Free Zone”. We are down-to-earth and have fun with what we do. We do not look at each project as a job, but a chance to design the lifestyle our client wants. We take our work seriously but not ourselves.

Choose Us For Time Saving

We save you time. We begin with the end in mind, fashion the space, and troubleshoot any issues before they escalate. We create timeless design that is durable and lasts through the trends.

Choose Us For The Function of Our Designs

Our designs are not only beautiful, but they bring functionality to your space. We design for the lifestyle you want to live.

Choose Us For Our Experience

Our team has the education and corporate background to professionally manage any size project. We are not hobbyists, we take design seriously as ours is a business built on expertise, trust and value.

Choose Us For Our Honesty

You may not always like what we say, but we will not promise you a chef’s kitchen on a busboy’s budget. We don’t like surprises, especially concerning our client’s bottom line.

Choose Us Because We Are A Team

We collaborate as a team. It’s not just the idea / vision of a single designer having his / her team implement.