Summertime is about over. The kids are back in school. It’s a great time to get organized and today I am going to share how I organize my desk in the hopes you can pick up a few tips that you can implement. Disclaimer that the photos are just snaps from my iPhone, so we’re not getting all Instagram-fancy here. (If you want those, you can follow me HERE.)

So, let’s start with your organizer. Whether it is a calendar or a notebook – you need to have a place to take notes, make lists, have your key documents on hand, and so forth. Mine is in a 3 ring binder right now, sans calendar feature. I’ve tried 99 different styles and options and find this works best for me. I have a couple of 3-ringed pockets in the back of my notebook for the items I want to keep close and reference, but don’t need day to day.

My morning view

My morning view

I also highly advocate a slide out tray for your keyboard, if you have the option. Not only do you have the keyboard at the ergonomically correct height, but you can hide other items in the “drawer”. I have stamps, a ruler, my calculator, earbuds, and my inspiration board.

Slide out keyboard tray

Slide out keyboard tray hides some of the mess.

And I love my lucite desk tray from The Container Store. This is definitely glamorous + functional when it corrals all of my loose papers that I need to get to without adding a lot of visual bulk to my desktop.

Lucite Desk Tray

Lucite Desk Tray

My pens & pencils I keep on my desk with nail files, scissors, and an extra pair of reading glasses. These days, I have extra reading glasses all over the place. Sigh

Pens, Pencils, Scissors, Oh My!

Pens, Pencils, Scissors, Oh my!

And one of my favorite pieces on my desk is my white lacquered storage box. My friend and colleague, Kat, embellished the box with a gold leafed piece of agate to use as a handle. Each of us have our own version of this on our desk and I couldn’t live without it.

White lacquered storage box

White lacquered storage box

The box is about 5″ deep, so I have my post it note pads, glasses cleaning kit, lip balm, charging cords, and a  variety of other crap stuff that I don’t want scattered about on my desk. I highly recommend any type of storage box to corral the mess.

Just A Little Peek

Just A Little Peek Inside

Why is an organized desk important? For one, you’re working and need the maximized efficiency, but also because a tidy desk lessens the visual energy you’ll spend while you’re sitting down at your desk. Admittedly, my desk gets pretty messy during the day, but I DO try to tidy it up every night before I leave. Plus, every night I make my list and plan for the following day – it’s a practice I developed years ago when working in Corporate America and it’s something I really push for my team each day.

How about you? What are some of your favorite desk organizing tips or products you can’t live without? I would love to hear from you.