How to buy artwork like a designer is a big title, isn’t it? Well, let me give you a little disclaimer that designers and decorators alike love a great piece of art, but what we really love is when a client has art that has a story or personal meaning behind it.

Here is an example of a client’s art that we used in their family room. But when clients don’t have a collection they love, we do what everybody else does: SHOP!

Formal Living Room Art

Formal Living Room

What are we looking for when we shop for a client? It depends on the client, of course, we interpret THEIR style and infuse it into THEIR home. But usually you’re safe looking for art that makes you stop and say WOW. We find that ZGallerie is very effective when it comes to retail solutions. Here are some of our faves from a recent project:

ProjectTulip Den

Casual and Fun Den – the multi colors add interest to the existing color scheme without overpowering.

Formal Dining Room has an overall wow factor, but this art brings in a variety of hues and oooohs.

If you want to see more of the project above, you can go to our Instagram or Facebook page and search #ProjectTulip.

Actually here is one more from that project. But this art in the master bedroom was commissioned and created exclusively for our client. The tones of gray, black, ivory and pinks is a stunning frame around the sheer white shade of the chandelier hanging on either side of their bed. We were looking for impact without being too bold – the master bedroom should be a retreat of sorts.

Custom Art in Master Bedroom

Custom Art in Master Bedroom

This project is not finished, but the art was delivered and installed last week. Another custom piece by the same artist as the above image. It is huge – 60″ x 48″ and the colors were chosen specifically for the client and her home: navy blue, aqua, a pearlescent ivory, silver, and a hint of citrine.

A partially finished project - and the art still stuns.

A partially finished project – and the art still stuns.

Custom art is a great way to go when you want something unique and specific to your design – and it’s not as expensive as you might imagine. You can find students willing to hock their wares at most art schools too.

This image and the one below it were both found at Home Goods for $100 and $150 respectively. A steal in any project.

Home Goods Happy Art

Home Goods Happy Art

And I’m not too proud to admit that I have Home Goods art in MY house:

Admittedly, Home Goods lives at my house too.

Admittedly, Home Goods lives at my house too.

And finally, you can always use a mirror as art. I love to find good options at and sometimes even – you just need to be sure that the reflection is attractive.

Using a mirror as art.

Using a mirror as art.

So what do you think? Some good ideas and shopping sources for you to shop for art like a designer.

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