Home for the Holidays! A Home Seller’s Guide to Holiday Staging.

As the holidays draw near, many home sellers and Realtors are wondering just how to prepare their listing without scaring off potential buyers. The good news? You can still decorate! It just takes a bit of finesse, and a designer’s vision.

Here are a few decorating tips you can put to use immediately to liven up your space and give it a touch of “home”. I’ll follow up soon with more for your to implement if you’re prepping for a sale (or to forward to anybody you may know who is).

1. Keep it simple!

Do not use all the decorations you own. This is a good time to keep your 50-piece winter village packed. It is perfectly fine to include your favorite ornaments, however the goal is to let the room speak for itself, not for it to look like a Christmas boutique.

Michelle Lynne - Ornaments

2. Choose 3 (no more than 4) Colors.

My tip is to think about the decorations at your favorite high-end mall. Their decor may be extravagant, but it’s also very simple in overall color scheme. Adding too many colors may be distracting and can take away from what you are trying to sell.

Michelle Lynne - Mall Interior

3. Keep religious decor or themes minimal.

This is very important. Not everyone celebrates the same holiday. The objective here is to maintain an aura of warmth and comfort in the home so it can shine. Religion can be a very personal, private or sensitive subject for some, so it is best to keep the decor festive and friendly. Instead of the nativity scene playing out on your console table, maybe consolidate it into a few lovely decorations on the tree.

Michelle Lynne - Ornament Display

4. Make room for the tree!

If necessary, remove one or two pieces of furniture to make room for the Christmas tree. The house needs to feel spacious, and by maintaining plenty of walking space in the room and the hallways, the buyer will not feel like the house is too small for their needs – even if the square footage is exactly what they are looking for!

Michelle Lynne - Christmas Tree Design

Christmas Tree decoration by Michelle Lynne Interiors Group, 2013

We hope these tips help you create the perfect setting for potential buyers. For more tips, please contact me, or subscribe to our newsletter below.

Happy Holidays From the Team at Michelle Lynne Interiors Group!

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