It is the end of the first fiscal quarter and I am exhausted, y’all. How about you? I have been “running and gunning” for three months, trying to kick 2017 off with bang – so motivation is not really something I am feeling right now. But just because motivation it is not something we FEEL at the moment, that does not mean it is not something we can capture. What do I mean? I mean that sometimes you have to MAKE yourself motivated. As a business owner, I cannot afford to NOT be motivated. Motivated to lead my team. Motivated to create beautiful designs. Motivated to inspire my clients. Motivated to grow my business. Motivated to be the best I can be. You get the picture. So how do you get motivated when you are not feeling it?

Sometimes just starting whatever it is you are avoiding is enough to get the ball rolling. Tell yourself you will start whatever it is you’re avoiding and will do it for X number of minutes, and if you’re still not feeling it, give yourself permission to stop. More often than not, you will get some momentum and finish what you started. If not, that is okay too.

When you are not feeling motivated, what should you do? Just start. | Monday Motivation |

Just Start

Change your physiology. Turn on some music, get up and dance, or go for a brisk walk. Getting your body moving will change your emotions, which will in turn change your lack of motivation. This is similar to the physiology of smiling and how smiling is proven to make us happier.

Changing your physiology can change your motivation level | | Monday Motivation blog series

Dance Mode: ON

Another good motivation enhancer is to have a vision board that also includes a list of your goals. My husband & I have ours pinned on a wall in our closet – after all, we begin and end each day there. So I’ll see the images I aspire to and I read my goals regularly. Remember that you are designing your life, so be intentional rather than just waiting for life to happen to you.

You create your life, so don't let a lack of motivation de-rail you. | Monday Motivation blog series.


And finally, I am a huge advocate of just hiding from the world. Yes, you read that right. Planning an escape from responsibility is a great way to re-motivate yourself. We cannot operate full throttle every day without recharging. For me, that is tuning out and turning off. If I cannot get away to the beach or mountains for a long weekend, even a day home is a good solution. Doing nothing. No calls. No texts. No email. Preferably no social media. Just a good book or a marathon of NCIS re-runs. In fact, this sounds just like what I need. I am going to go put a day or two of NOTHING on my calendar and just stay home. Well, maybe I’ll go to the spa….

Michelle Lynne

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Motivation Monday: When You Are Not Feeling Motivated