Rest? What is rest? And how is that supposed to be motivating? I know, right? So often in today’s society, it is considered a bragging point to discuss how little rest or sleep one is getting. I have definitely been guilty of this in the past and but when I actually thought about it, I realized how ridiculous it really is.

Restfulness is not slothfulness. I am not suggesting you all of a sudden become a couch potato!

Rest is key to performance. Whether that performance is sport / fitness related, business, theater, driving, or any arena that requires focus and intelligence. So, basically anywhere and everyday. Right?

Monday Motivation - Rest -

Take Rest

This morning I woke up to go workout. I’m pretty determined NOT to miss a Monday workout, as it really sets the tone for the rest of the day and the week. But after I got up and out of bed, drank my water and started to put on my workout clothes, I decided my body and mind would fare better with another hour or two of rest. I argued with myself for a few minutes, but remembered that resting is NOT quitting. And man, oh, man, once I woke up (for the second time), I have hit the ground running with more productivity than I am certain would have occurred if I had not listened to my body and slept.


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Rest. Don’t Quit.

Resting allows for so much work to be done our our behalf, especially when we are sleeping. Adequate sleep is a key part of an overall healthy lifestyle, and can benefit your heart, weight, mind, and more.

Taking time to rest and re-charge is NOT a sign of weakness. Instead, consider it a secret weapon. When you are tired and noticing your productivity is not as high as you would like, stop doing what you’re doing and make a point to rest. Maybe it means sleeping through your workout like I did this morning, going to bed an hour or two earlier than normal, or even a short nap during the day. Let the rest disrupt your regular routine and then measure the payoff. I’m encouraged that my workout tomorrow will be even more productive because I’ll be well rested.

My dogs sure have resting down to an art and a science! Zoey with her tongue out, and Samson snoozing on my foot. (I couldn’t resist adding a photo of each of them to the post. They are such little loves.) We sure could learn from them how to rest and recharge!

Rest | Monday Motivation | Sleeping Dog |


Rest | Monday Motivation | Sleeping Dog |


What keeps you from resting? Do you feel the need to always be moving or doing something? Stop and examine the source of that compulsion. Maybe it’s a belief that was given to you, rather than your own belief. Have you considered that? Hmmmm…maybe consider, explore and analyze – and then take a nap. See what answers you wake up with. I dare you.

Michelle Lynne

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Monday Motivation - Rest