So, you love the floor plan of your house or maybe you are thinking about buying an older home. It works great for your family and will grow with you through the years – everything except the kitchen. A poorly designed or outdated kitchen is a big reason why homeowners are no longer happy in their current house – or shy away from buying an older one. Here’s how we helped new homeowners (who found the floor plan of their dreams) overcome the disaster of the kitchen space.

Our clients hired us to assist with a kitchen renovation. When we toured the newly purchased home, they quickly pointed out that they were not fans of the kitchen lay out. It screamed 1984. We asked what they did not like about the kitchen as it applied to how they live and entertain.

Here are some of the main issues –

  • Golden Oak cabinets with lots of wear
  • Formica countertops
  • Tiny, closet style pantry
  • Lack of proper storage
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Outdated appliances
  • No bar space,
  • Overall lack of function for a young family with baby number two on the way
Outdated kitchen, peninsula in kitchen, 80s kitchen

BEFORE- The peninsula-stye layout cut off the kitchen from the Family Room.

Before kitchen remodel photo; 80s kitchen

BEFORE- The closet style pantry, outdated appliances and finishes weren’t working for our clients.

Next, we asked what they did like about their kitchen. All they could say was it had potential to be amazing but had no idea how to get there.

For all of our projects, whether it be working with fabrics and furnishings, or extensive remodels, we ask our clients to answer very detailed questionnaires about their homes and how they live in these spaces. We have them set up an Ideabook on Houzz or a Pinterest board with images of spaces that they love and share it with us. Adding comments explaining exactly what they like about the picture is key – this helps us get into their heads as much as possible to create the space of their dreams.

After reviewing our client’s Pinterest board, and diving into their questionnaires, we were able to come up with a basic go-to floor plan. This is the starting point to truly create a kitchen space plan that is functional for the family living there and their guests.

Kitchen renovation, kitchen, floor plan

First draft “brainstorm” rendering of the Floor Plan.

We sent the first draft floor plan to the client for review. We didn’t want to move ahead with creating the design & final budget before getting approval from them first. They decided they really needed the opening to the Dining Room, but loved the idea of having an island instead of the peninsula. Hmmmm, in such a small space that was going to be tricky. Challenge accepted!

The beauty of working with our team  is you get more than one design mind working on your project. We each had an “aha!” moment with this kitchen. Megan noticed in the Pinterest boards that having a large table in the nook was not a real priority.  We confirmed with them that they liked to eat family meals in the Dining Room, and the kitchen only needed a small table for homework and after school snacks. Michelle suggested using the new-found space to rotate the island to face the family room. And since storage was key on the wish list, I found a spot for a huge 48″ wide cabinet style pantry with pull out drawers.

kitchen renovation, kitchen floor plan,

Final Draft for the Contractor – With a little collaboration we came up with a winner!

Rotating the island toward the Family Room and centering on the opposite side of the room, created the feel of a true open floor plan without knocking down a single wall. Next, we selected new cabinetry and took them all the way up to the ceiling.

New cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling- and look at the size of that pantry! | Kitchen Renovation by Michelle Lynne Interiors Group, Dallas based interior design.

New cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling- and look at the size of that pantry!

Kitchen renovation, kitchen renovation rendering, kitchen remodel, kitchen storage , cabinet style pantry

Check out that Pantry next to the fridge! In the words of our client- “nailed it”!

Once those details were complete, we got to work selecting gorgeous finishes and plumbing fixtures and brought our client to our Design Studio for the presentation. After approving the floor plan along with the soft gray and white finishes set on deep chocolate hardwood flooring throughout the downstairs, our clients gave the contractor the go ahead to start demolition on their new kitchen.

kitchen renovation, kitchen, kitchen remodel, kitchen island,

View from the Family Room; we love how it opened up the spaces!

We designed their dream kitchen with many different budget options – from repurposing the existing cabinetry to selecting less expensive finishes. Since our clients’ top priority in this new home was the kitchen renovation, they scaled back on other improvements, and even postponed a few to get the kitchen done exactly how they wanted – without compromising quality or their need for functionality. Demolition starts next week, stay tuned for the “after” photos soon!

Do you have a kitchen that is decades out of style and lacks function? Let us help you transform yours into a beautiful work space that fits your lifestyle and budget.  We can recreate your space to the kitchen of your dreams and show you what it will look like before the dumpster arrives. A renovated kitchen can help your life run more efficiently and stress-free. Give us a call!

I’ll be back soon ~

Debbie Pratt

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