Since we were just contacted to bid the staging of a luxury Dallas property, I thought I would run down the details of how much time a vacant home staging project actually takes. It has been a while since we discussed Home Staging. The real estate market in Dallas has been smoking hot and only the best Realtor’s are insisting on home staging – and their sellers are profiting even more by doing so.

It doesn’t matter if the property is a luxury listing or a $250K home, there are standard steps to take from start to finish to stage any vacant home:

  1. 1 hour:  Initial consultation.  We visit the property and visit with the seller or sellers agent, take room measurements (especially if it’s an awkward space) and “before” photos.
  2. 1 – 3 hours:  The space planning & rough design, including existing and necessary furniture and accessories room by room.
  3. 1 – 2 hours:  Research furniture options for each room, taking into consideration the price point and neighborhood of the property.
  4. 1 hour: Create and present Scope Of Work & Proposal to client for approval and answer any questions. Send Agreement, invoice and schedule tentative installation date.
  5. 1 – 2 hours:  Coordinate with furniture partner for furniture choices and possible substitutions; time includes re-design of initial floor plan by room – as necessary.
  6. 5 – 9 hours:  Shop existing inventory as well as the purchase of additional art, accessories, bedding, linens, lamps, rugs & small furnishings for the property.
  7. 3 – 6 hours:  Wrap & pack inventory items (from step #6) and create an inventory list of all items for delivery.
  8. 8 – 16 hours:  This depends on the size of the property but generally can run up to a full 8 hour day for two people.  During installation, we will direct the placement of the furnishings, unload & unpack all of our own inventory, steam the wrinkles out of the bed linens, accessorize each room, hang the art, and clean up all evidence we were ever on site.
  9. 3 – 6 hours:  Once the house sells, we must schedule the rented furniture pick up as well as our own inventory removal. Hopefully, the client remembered our contract’s clause requiring a minimum of a 10 day notice to de-stage the property. Believe it or not, we will sometimes get a call the day before closing asking us to de-stage. Regardless of the turnaround time, we will need to re-pack all small inventory, load it into our vehicles and return it to our storage space. Usually this is done while we are waiting to meet the drivers for the rented furniture pick up
  10. 2 – 4 hours:  Unpack all small furnishings, art, accessories and linens, re-inventory each and put away. Clean up the mess created in storage.
It can easily be up to a 50-hour job. 
So if you are considering enlisting a home stager and wondering if the price is justified, I hope this will help you understand what we do behind the scenes while transforming your house or listing into a “model home”. Even in a seller’s market, you will profit from the strategic marketing tool that staging provides. Your house will sell for more money, recouping the cost of the staging and more.
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Michelle Lynne

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How Much Time Does A Vacant Home Staging Project Take?