Home Staging to SELL

It is estimated over 92% of buyers begin their search online – so the best looking listings will get the most interest and higher traffic, which in turn will provide the most offers. Let us transform your property into a space that commands attention, desire and the best offers. Whether the property is vacant or occupied, we have the solution to sell.

Vacant Property Staging

Using our vast inventory and extensive vendor contacts, we customize the staging design to showcase the architecture and selling features of each individual property. Our designs also include consideration for the list price and the buying demographic for the specific property and no two are ever the same. Our pricing is based on list price and square footage.

Enhancement Service (Occupied Home Staging)

Using the homeowner’s furniture, art & accessories, we edit and arrange to maximize the showcasing of the space for sale. Our team understands the difference between the way a house is merchandised to SELL and the way a home is designed to DWELL. Removing various layers of décor while still leaving the house feeling like it has heart is a standard we diligently apply.

Walk & Talk Consultation Report

For the seller who is willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work, we provide an 8 page report that details items to address ranging from the front gutter to the back gate. This service is best-utilized weeks or months in advance of the listing and combined with the Enhancement Service just prior to photos. Service starts at $350.

Consulting Services

Need advice on upgrades, updates, color or hardware selection, etc.? This is especially ideal for the new investor wondering where money is best spent for ROI. Hourly rates or custom packages are available.

Need help after your move? Check our Interior Design services and let us help make your next house feel like home!

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