DesignBox Delivered™

Our DesignBox Delivered™ service is for the do-it-yourselfer and will specify everything from purchases, paint colors, furniture specifications and sizing to placement and accessorizing. All this is wrapped up in a pretty box and sent to you to implement. You do not even have to be in the Dallas / Fort Worth area to enjoy working with us!

Here is what comes with every DesignBox Delivered™:

    • A custom floor plan. This gem confirms that everything selected is going to fit. Even if you find something similar to what we suggest, you will be equipped with the correct the specifications and you will avoid the hassle of receiving another delivery of furniture to have to return to the vendor, pay a re-stocking fee, and still not have a room that is finished!
    • Electronic Design Style Board. This board will show you all of the items we suggest for your room. Not only will you see your main wall via your Room Elevation, with this board you will see how the items pair in order to give you a designer look in your space!
    • Paint Color Consultation. Our Paint Color Consultation service is included (an $89 value!). With your DesignBox Delivered™ you will also receive three color palettes to choose from to further enhance the beauty of your room. Read more….
    • Tips. With the MANY combined years our team has, we have come to find that there are some tips I think every person decorating a room should know. WE share these with you.
    • Resource List. Where to go and what to get. Includes current pricing.
    • Nitty Gritty. The prioritized to-do list for putting your room together. These are the details that are spelled out for you so you don’t have to wonder what to do next or how. Just follow instructions and you’ll have your gorgeous space done!
    • Before Pics. You are going to love the transformation so much, you will want to remember how far you’ve come.
    • Fabric swatches and / or finish samples when available.

All of this will be wrapped up in a pretty box and sent to you to implement. (And for those of you who prefer the electronic version, we also include the entire package on a thumb drive.)


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Design Board


DesignBox Delivered™

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