In any renovation, design or construction project, patience is a key element of the process. I’m reminded of this because I am patiently (and sometimes not-so-patiently) waiting on my built in cabinets and design work desk.

We moved in in January and while I’m over the top excited about being in our new space, I am DYING for our custom storage and work desk to be delivered and installed. I am hoping and praying that they are delivered the first part of next week. The weather has delayed my cabinet maker from finishing – his warehouse or workspace is not climate controlled, so the finishing layers of paint and lacquer don’t adhere or seal well in the frigid cold we have been experiencing this past week in The Big D.

So here is our storage for now. Puny, under-scale shelving on the back wall of the studio. You can also see (in the first photo below) that the space opens directly into the kitchen. Our new storage unit will include pocket doors that tuck in behind the bookshelves.Design Studio Storage BEFORE Custom Built Ins

Design Studio storage BEFORE custom built ins

All this STUFF on the floor is making me crazy. I am seriously the person who, when I move into a new house, am unpacked and organized within a week or so. This is really testing me but I keep reminding myself that it is still a step up in our workspace AND is only temporary.

Design studio storage BEFORE built ins

And here is the design work table – for now. It’s going to be counter height and have storage drawers and cabinets on the underneath side. I.Am.So.Excited. These two banquet tables pushed together just doesn’t scream “luxury” to any client or potential client we invite into the studio (so we have not invited but one client in yet!).

Design Studio Worktable BEFORE

So moving onto a positive note, and reminding myself of the great strides we have made in our workspace (do you remember this Throwback post HERE) – when the built in cabinets are installed, they are going to make a gorgeous frame for the entry to the kitchen. And the privacy added with the doors will really be helpful when I have meetings for coffee in the kitchen, while the team is working in the studio.

Design Studio kitchen entry

And while I’m fussing about the workspace in the middle to back of our studio, let me show you a quick shot of the “living room” area with the “AFTER” of those gold shelves I brought you in THIS post last week. Not 100% styled, but pretty darned close. And I’m sure will always be changing….

Design studio gold shelves STYLED.

So I’m patiently waiting. And am very grateful for what has been accomplished thus far. And am excited to have Lance come in with his fancy camera this spring and take some great shots. But of course, I’ll continue to keep you updated…with my own fancy photos via my smart phone.

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