Yes, I have been missing in action for the last 6 months – almost to the day of my last blog post!

What a busy first half of the year we have had. We have enjoyed getting settled into our new Design Studio, worked on some some fantastic and transformative projects, hired a great new assistant designer, and rolled out a new service. Here is a quick rundown of some of those highlights:

I’ll have some updated photos of our Design Studio soon, but HERE is a quick look back for now. It is amazing for me to look at the New Office Journal posts and see how far we have come. (No wonder I didn’t have time to write any blog posts!)

In the meantime, this was a fun project we recently completed for an apartment complex in Dallas. We transformed this multifamily property’s clubhouse from drab and dark to open and airy. We started by knocking out the loft that was never used and let the sunshine pour in, painted the entire space an updated shade of greige (gray + beige), ripped up the tile and stained the concrete and opened up the kitchen to the room. We also tiled the fireplace all the way up to the ceiling and created an amazing focal point, whereas before it was the same color as the walls.

MultiFamily Clubhouse Renovation

MultiFamily Clubhouse Renovation (Before & After)

In June, we officially hired a fantastic design assistant, Megan Parten. Her bio is not up on the website yet, because we are actually just about to roll out a NEW website. (Yes, another fun project that has been in the works.) Megan graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design a couple of years ago, and brings her amazing style, technical skills and sweet personality to our team – and we couldn’t be more excited!

Megan Parten - Profile Pic

Megan Parten

And finally, our super exciting new service: DesignBox Delivered. This is for the client who is happy to do the legwork but just needs a little direction. We get all sorts of measurements, photos and details from the client and then create a gorgeous design for them to implement. We send space planning, furniture placement, a long list of exact purchases, measurements (so the client can sub an item if they find another piece on sale somewhere), fabric swatches, paint selections and so forth – all in a pretty box. Needless to say, we are hoping to serve clients inside and outside of the DFW Metroplex. I will have more examples of this super cool service soon!

Photo Jul 28, 11 52 16 AM

DesignBox Delivered

So that is what I (we) have been up to the past 6 months! Stay tuned, I’ve got a whole calendar full of fun design topics for the months to come on the blog. I promise not to disappear for half a year again.