For some of us, this year has been busy and full of change. That is why I love New Year’s Eve. A night dedicated to looking back on the good and the bad, reflecting, and starting a New Year with friends, family and a BANG. That is why your New Year’s Eve party is so important, it’s the last soiree of the year! And let’s face it, visual presentation can make or break an evening. It is the backdrop to everything else.

Here are some tips on choosing glamorously fun New Year’s Eve party decorations:

1. Let the Countdown Begin!

Michelle Lynne Interiors Group | Countdown Decor

Classy and creative clock theme via the Minimalist!

The clock concept it not a new one, but it is a classic. The countdown to a new beginning is what New Year’s Eve is all about. Why not take a new approach to this classic theme by adding a touch of sophistication? The best way to do this is by keeping the décor simple, stylish and picking a beautiful color scheme – like elegant golds and silvers! Guests will have the “time of their lives”. Terrible pun intended.

2. Be Sentimental.

Michelle Lynne Interiors | New  Year's Eve Balloons

Cute decorating idea via Pinterest (Designer unknown)

I am NOT suggesting that your decor be centered on inducing waterworks in your guests. Instead, add a personal touch to add some warmth to the party. It will be great for conversation, reminiscing, and will make our guests feel at home. What more could you want out of a great party?

3. Up, Up and Away!

Michelle Lynne Interiors Group | Pink and Blue New Year's Eve Theme

Adorable balloon display via Wants and Wishes

An oldie, but goodie! Because, let’s face it, how often do we as adults get to dress up, drink, and play with balloons?  Just keep it  simple and understated . That may seem difficult to keep balloons understated, but as long as you avoid giant balloon arches, stick to a color scheme, and resist the temptation to buy out your local party store, you are golden!

4. Make it Sparkle!

Michelle Lynne | Sparkling New Years Eve Decor

Glittering table and feathers via HomeEdit

Add some glitter and drama to the evening by using fun table cloths, accessories and glittering centerpieces. Because let’s face it, there’s no such thing as too much sparkle on New Year’s Eve!

5. Light it up, up, up!

Michelle Lynne | New Year's Eve Lighting

Bubble Chandelier via Twig Décor

If there is ever a time to get creative and go all out with lighting, it is on New Year’s Eve. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box, or consult an expert. Another beautiful (and less expensive) option is to opt for candlelight.

Are you throwing a New Year’s Eve party this year? Tell me about it in a comment.

Be safe in your celebrations! See you next year!


Michelle Lynne

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