In a recent post HERE, I described how to use art to add color to your space. Today I am going to discuss how to hang art.  Not necessarily the actual hammer + nail instructions, but rather how to arrange your art and some other details.

Let’s first start with a gallery wall. This infographic from Interiors PL says it all. Even though her website is in Polish, her diagram is brilliant and transcends any language barrier. Gallery Art

Some things to keep in mind when hanging a gallery wall:

  • Use the same color frame for a gallery wall; it does not have to match but should be in the same family.
  • Use the same color matting for a gallery wall.
  • Create templates the size of your frames and arrange on the floor until you get the ideal layout and THEN tape to the wall.

Here is an example of the same / similar color frame in a grouping we created a room around using our client’s artwork:

ML Interiors Group

ML Interiors Group

A question I get asked often is also the proper art height. Here are a few rules of thumb:

  • The middle of your piece of art should hang at about “eye level”. Of course, that can vary by person, so aim for anywhere between 55″ – 60″. If you have multiple frames, whether they are the same or multiple sizes, just group them together and determine the center of the grouping.
  • If you are hanging above a sofa, leave at least 4″ (preferable 6″ – 8″) between the top of the sofa and the bottom of the art. You don’t want your guests leaning their head back onto your artwork!
  • Keep the piece (or grouping) roughly 2/3 the width of the sofa (or bed) you are hanging above.
  • Balance your art or groupings with the closest door or window frame.

If you need inspiration, look through your favorite catalog or shelter magazine. And, as a shameless plug, we can help you confirm your art selection and placement via our Designer For A Day service.



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