Halloween is this upcoming weekend, the temperatures have dropped below 70 degrees here in Texas, and pumpkin spice everything is being sold in stores and restaurants. I have been waiting patiently to update my house with fall style decorations, and finally got to do it this weekend. Even though I decorate people’s homes for a living, I don’t get too fancy with my own (gasp!) and I REALLY like to keep the prices down. So here are some snapshots and ideas for your inspiration:

Pillows are an EASY and INEXPENSIVE update. I got a pair of these down filled, zippered pillows at Home Goods for $29. The various shades of blue attracted me, and complemented with the taupe, chocolate and ivory tones, I had no choice but to purchase the pair and place on my leather club chairs.

I switch out the ottomans under my sofa table with the seasons too. I have an aqua-ish color for the spring & summer and these orange ones for autumn (I am looking for a more contemporary pair of winter white / ivory to switch out after Thanksgiving but have yet to find them).

Orange Ottomans

I put my blue coral in the closet and replaced it on the coffee table with this organic and petrified wood sphere. I predicted The Handsome Hubs would ask when we are taking it bowling, and true to form he did. But I love it. I added a glass sphere next to it and a little succulent too – because it looked lonely. Suzanne Kasler’s book “Timeless Style” stays put year round at this point. Love it!

Photo Oct 13, 8 20 00 AM

I know the color isn’t great in the pictures, but I needed to get the photos taken or this blog post wouldn’t happen until after Christmas. So below are the pillows in the living room. The ones in the back are navy blue, and were in my den last year. The chevron pillows were on my bed and are in chocolate brown and ivory. I am about “over” chevrons and figure this season will be their last hurrah in my house.The pillow in the chair is a super cool hair on hide in a harlequin pattern.

Navy Pillows with Brown + Ivory Chevron

And finally, I switch out the runner in the hallway. This one replaces a blue ombre runner and came from West Elm a few years ago for less than $200. It’s actually in gray tones, which complements my house well – although you wouldn’t know from these photos. Sigh. Where is Lance at Unique Exposure Photography on the weekends when I need him in my house with 2 minutes notice?! Probably enjoying his weekend not working – duh.

Gray Shades Runner (with Doggies)

And say hello to Samson (background) and Zoey (foreground). My little fur-babies. Love them so much!

And speaking of my little monsters, here they are on the new navy blue pillows I got for the den sofa. I have some orange pillows on there too, but did not capture them in the photo. I was distracted by the furry cuteness.Navy Pillows with Sleeping Pups

So that is a super fast and very inexpensive update to my house for the autumn season. And for more inspiration and accessories, read my earlier blog post HERE.

What are some fall decorating ideas you have implemented?



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