It is time for some Halloween decorating! This past weekend I finally got around to updating my decor for autumn – you can see more about that HERE. And this weekend’s projects also included a spooky entry table.

Skulls 1

You can take any item and get it in multiples and create a collection for an interesting display. This year I chose skulls. I already had the gold one on the stand and just added more in different colors, sizes and materials.

Skulls 2

Skulls 3

I have the entry lamp on a timer so this entry table display lights up as soon as it gets dark in the evening – and then again early in the morning. It is my favorite space to decorate for the holidays.

Skulls 4

Skulls 5

That is about all of the energy I will expend for this holiday. Oh, and a pumpkin outside, but I don’t even carve it so I can consider it “Thanksgiving Decor” on November 1st. What about you? How do you decorate for Halloween? Do you go all out? Or are you also a minimalist?



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