It’s not quite the middle of September and I am so excited for cooler weather! Cooler weather to me indicates it is time to switch out the wardrobe AND some of the home decor. If you remember in my most recent fall decorating post, we looked at some fantastic accessories. Today, we will look at some colors used in fall decorating. As is true with interior design, we often take our trends from fashion and what I’m seeing is the shift from bright & bold to a softer, toned down palette of colors: muddied blues, taupes, ivory, mustard yellow, and the new force of olive green. I also think burgundy and yes, a bright pink will be seen quite a bit as the weather cools – whether as an accent color or as a bold statement.

This family room, by the uber-talented, Rejoy Interiors in Los Angeles, embodies a cozy, fall friendly family room. You can see the blues used in here are not bright, the walls are painted a taupe color that does not read yellow or gold, as in the style no so long past. Additionally, the sofa is a large feature that lightens the room in a soft ivory fabric. Check out the accessories. Do you see how they have a darker, maybe more rustic tone to them? The burlap on the mercury glass jug, the woven spheres and what looks like an antique globe on the TV console, the neutral pillows and throws and all warm the space up nicely for fall. I’d like to curl up with a good book on a chilly morning with a cup of coffee in this room!

Family Room Designed by Rejoy Interiors (click for website)

As I mentioned, olive green is making a big impact in fashion, which will quickly translate to interior design. This reminds me I need a manicure desperately. Let’s move on.


And what do you think about pink? My brilliant friend, Jenny Tamplin, in College Station, created this gorgeous space. My mood is already happy just looking at this room – I can imagine I’d be quite giddy walking in! Click the link to see the rest of the room and her gorgeous portfolio. Yes, pink is here to stay year round!

Gameroom by Jenny Tamplin (click for website)

Does your color palette change with the seasons? Is it just your closet? Or does your home show the change in season too? I would love to hear from you!




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