I am a firm believer that a messy space leads to a messy mind. Whether it is your desk, kitchen or bedroom, the energy it requires to process the mess is energy you could put towards something productive. I have narrowed down my Top 5 “key” habits to maintain a clean home – and assure you anybody can develop and practice these regularly.

GUEST BEDROOM in UNIVERSITY PARK | Dallas TX | ML Interiors Group1.- Put your clothes away (including shoes & coats) – in the laundry or put back in the closet NOT over a chair, on the floor or thrown across the bed.


Transitional style home office - MLInteriorsGroup.com

Transitional style home office

2.- Have a place for your papers / mail. It doesn’t have to be a fully dedicated home office, but it could be a decorative plate in your kitchen, or a box or basket on your entry table. And for some additional ideas, HERE is a previous post about organizing your mail.


Organized closet by Michelle Lynne, Dallas Interior Designer3.- Hide your supplies in a closet. And close the doors. This is my “party closet” – where I keep my extra table linens, stemware, booze, mixers, pitchers, vases, and so forth. You may not have an extra 24 wine glasses on hand, but if you have excess wrapping paper, crafts, extra light bulbs, etc., find a closet or cabinet, organize them and close.the.door.


4.- Wipe down surfaces after each use (cooking, brushing teeth, shower doors). It’s almost impossible to get all of the grime build up off if you let it sit and sit and sit. But if you wipe down your range after you cook, the sparkle will remain a lot longer. Toothpaste doesn’t build up in your sink, your shower doors will stay clean longer if you take a moment to squeegee it after each use too.


Apartment model unit bedroom - MLInteriorsGroup.com

Dressed Bed – Pillow Placement

5.- Make your bed. It’s simple. Your mom taught you this when you were young. And she was right.

Bonus: dishes are in the dishwasher or in the cabinets, clean. My mom taught me this and my husband has caught on to how nice it is not to have dirty dishes in the sink. It’s not difficult to rinse the dish, open the door and stick it in the dishwasher.

There ya have it. My Top 5 Tips for Maintaining a Clean House. I have many more. But these are the most impactful and easiest, in my opinion. How about you? Do you have a favorite practice to maintain a clean house?

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Michelle Lynne

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