How To Avoid Disastrous Mistakes

Save time and money by being properly educated on what you’re buying and whom you’re hiring. Avoid these common mistakes:

#1 Not Explaining How You Live

You don’t want the designer spending hours finding the perfect silk sofa, when you have a house full of kids and pets. Explain how you live and the day-to-day activities of your family. Your home needs to be functional as well as beautiful

#2 Being Unrealistic About Budget

Research is the best way to determine budget. Look up the general price of items you know you will need for your project. Ask your designer for a ballpark budget before you begin a project – if they cannot provide one, consider hiring another designer.

#3 Rushing The Process

Patience is a requirement. Custom design projects and/or remodels need time if you want things done correctly. Your designer should be able to provide you with a timeline so you can set your expectations properly.

#4 Not Reading The Contract

First of all, make sure you get a contract. Then read it all. Look for hidden or surprise fees such as freight, procurement, restocking and receiver fees. Be sure there is a clause for how to end the contract too.

#5 The Designer Does Not Listen

It’s your home. Working with a professional doesn’t mean their vision outweighs your opinion. A Designer who is resistant to your ideas, what you like or don’t like, or any concerns does not have your best interest at heart.